Binaural beats are an auditory biohack designed to facilitate brainwave entrainment which generating desired states of consciousness. Typically brain waves are a reaction to optimize mental functioning for your current situation. Brainwaves are a measurement of the frequency that large groups of neurons are firing in your brain in order to communicate. They form pulses measured by a device such as an EEG in Hz. Behind the Korabis music tracks will sit various binaural beats that have the potential to change states of consciousness in individuals. Used in conjunction with our CBD, the binaural beat (relaxing music) could possibly enhance brain entrainment and enhance its desired use (see below for uses).

There are 5 brainwave states, Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Each of these brainwaves is associated with specific mechanisms and effects of the state of consciousness.

  • Delta waves: (Slow waves, great for pain) Calm – promotes pain relief, healing, well-being and cognition.
  • Theta waves: (Slow waves, great for sleep) Calm – promotes sleep, relaxation, meditation and creativity.
  • Alpha waves: (Slow waves, great for stress) Calm – Promotes stress relief, positive thinking and learning.
  • Beta waves: (Fast waves, great for attention) Arousal – Promotes attention, focus, thinking and problem solving.
  • Gamma waves: (Fast waves, great for memory) Arousal – Promotes memory, cognition and awareness.

Individuals who suffer from issues related to focus, stress, memory, pain and sleep should see the best results when combining CBD and binaural beats. Although CBD alone is very beneficial, CBD used in conjunction with binaural beats can help facilitate brainwave entrainment which can potentially alter the brain to reach specific states of consciousness.