The CBD industry has absolutely boomed in the past couple of years. With shops popping up left and right, consumers are becoming more educated in their knowledge of hemp, marijuana and their options for holisitc health. From CBD oils, to CBD edibles and even pet CBD, the industry has brought a plethora of natural products to the mainstream market. But did you know that there were actually three types of CBD out there today? You may have heard the terms “full spectrum”, “broad spectrum” and “isolate CBD” but asked yourself, what does that even mean? Fortunately Korabis Wellness specializes in providing layman scientific knowledge so here is our easy to understand explanation of each type of CBD:

Full Spectrum CBD – consists of the entire hemp plant. This is CBD + THC (cannabinoids) in all of its forms including terpenes (the parts of the plant responsible for its iconic scent as well as medical benefit), fatty acids (fuel and provide energy storage for cells in our bodies).

Broad Spectrum CBD – consists of the entire hemp plant minus any psychoactive THC. This type of CBD still has terpenes, fatty acids.

Isolate CBD – this type of CBD consists of solely CBD. No traces of THC, no terpenes, no fatty acids.

Next time you’re at your local CBD shop, you can make the decision that best fits your lifestyle. Our recommendation is always go full spectrum (because it is the most pure form of the hemp plant), but if you have a federal job or career that may conduct drug tests, choosing a broad spectrum CBD or even an isolate may be the best alternative option.

-Team Korabis Wellness